International Marketing Manager



High school






1. Responsible for channel cooperation related to international business and development of marketing work;<br/>

2. Responsible for the communication and liaison of the company's international business development and cooperation, and the development and service of QFll/RQFll, QDll and other customers; carried out the work of international business plate of medical devices/supplies;<br/>

3. Responsible for implementing the development of international business varieties of medical devices/supplies;<br/>

4. Responsible for the work guidance, supervision and assessment of the team staff to improve their professional and comprehensive quality;<br/>

5. Complete other work assigned by company leaders.<br/><br/>


1. Bachelor degree or above, under 38 years old, overseas study background is preferred;<br/>

2. Overseas working experience is preferred;<br/>

3. Have accumulated international business channel resources, proficient in English (including professional English), have professional knowledge foundation of medical devices and medical supplies, and have a thorough grasp of the laws and regulations of the medical devices industry;<br/>

4. Have a vision and concept of international development, and have strong organizational and management ability, innovation ability, communication and coordination ability, analysis and judgment ability, oral expression ability and writing ability.