Corporate Vision


Business Strategy

Enterprise mission: The best ingenuity to protect health


Enterprise vision: to be the pilot of the industry


Core values: Provide lifelong development platform for employees, enhance competitiveness for customers, and enhance social value for enterprises


Quality strategy

Quality concept: Do "good products", do "products"


Quality policy: Strengthen management, continuous improvement, the pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction


Quality commitment: integrity, service, efficiency


Management philosophy: Scientific management standardization, innovative management staff


Quality goal: zero defects and zero complaints from customers


Quality culture: With the heart of the craftsman, casting the soul of quality, promote the development of enterprises


Quality ethics: pay attention to product quality, strengthen service awareness, care for people's health


Quality code of conduct: Quality in my heart, standard in my mind, the best in my hands


Brand Strategy

Brand concept: Make the best products with ingenuity, cast "Zhen He" the foundation

Group History



Set up

The first medical consumables manufacturer in Xiangtan was established


The development of

Registration, production of Class II medical equipment production




To speed up

Purchase plant, add complete sets of processing equipment, carry out intelligent production


Deep tillage

Large-scale production of epidemic prevention materials and registration of 13 products were carried out


Group Honor

Highlight the demonstration unit of honest operation
Xiangtan Medical Device Vice President Unit
Xiangtan Model Workers' Home
High quality development of star private enterprises in Xiangtan City

Chairman's Profile


Yin Yilin

Founder of Hunan Zhenhe Yikang Medical Supplies Co., LTD

In March 2020, she was awarded the honorary title of Hunan March Eighth Red Flag Bearer in 2019.


On November 25, 2020, she was awarded the honorary title of "Hunan Model Worker".


In 2005, she was awarded as Outstanding Deputy of the Third Yuhu District People's Congress of Xiangtan City, Advanced Individual of Economic work of Xiangtan City, and outstanding individual of self-employment of Xiangtan City.


In 2006, she was awarded as the outstanding team leader of the Third Yuhu District People's Congress of Xiangtan City.


In 2010, she was elected the ninth National Entrepreneurship Star.


In 2011, she was awarded as the Outstanding female Business Operator of Hunan Province, the Outstanding leader of the 13th Xiangtan People's Congress and the Outstanding Deputy of the People's Congress.


In 2012, she was awarded the Contribution Award for Employment Promotion of Xiangtan City.


Since 2017, the company actively responded to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, vigorously implemented intelligent transformation, and successfully realized the robot replacement, which not only greatly improved the production capacity, but also improved the economic benefits of the enterprise.


In 2018, Yin Yilin independently researched and developed "a nano-antibacterial structural material and its preparation method", which was awarded the national invention patent. This patent is the first of its kind in China. Once the project is put into production, it will greatly improve the production capacity, enhance the market competitiveness and ensure the company's future development.


Since I started my business, Her enterprise has been awarded as the Excellent Enterprise of Xiangtan (2005), the Integrity Unit of Hunan Province (2005), the Advanced Unit of Xiangtan City (2006), the Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Unit of Xiangtan City (2011, 2012), the Integrity Enterprise of Xiangtan City (2011, 2015), and the Key Recommended Integrity Management Model Unit of China Integrity Brand (201) 6 years), Hunan AAA Credit Rating (2016), Hunan Famous Brand Products (2017), Xiangtan Civilized Workshop (2017), National High-tech Enterprise (2018), Hunan Province Advanced Anti-Epidemic Collective, Hunan Province Anti-epidemic Caring Enterprise, Xiangtan Mayor Quality Award (2021), Hunan Province Honest Management Enterprise (2022) and other honors.

Party construction

Under the care of the superior Party Committee, the company established Zhen He Yi Kang medical Party branch. The Party branch of the company has always carried forward and people dare to think dare to do, have the courage to undertake the practical spirit, with the vigorous development of the company, steadily promote the party building work.


So far, the number of Party members of the company has developed to 6, Party committee senior leaders more than 3 people. Under the leadership of the Party branch of the company, we have established trade unions, Youth League committees and other mass organizations.




The labor union of the Group attaches great importance to cultural construction. Through cultural propaganda, colorful knowledge activities and sports activities, it aims to enhance employees' sense of identity, happiness, sense of gain, sense of security and pride of the company, and cultivate employees' positive values and social responsibility. The labor union has actively organized staff activities and held a series of colorful cultural and sports activities such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and Women's Day.


During the rapid growth of the company, in addition to paying attention to the capacity building and career development of employees, the company has been exploring more humanized management, improving the care and attention of employees, and continuously improving the "cultural temperature". In order to help employees more effectively, the company has established an employee care mechanism to organize new employee meetings and various kinds of employee communication/exchange meetings from time to time to understand employees' needs, solve their difficulties, and improve their satisfaction and sense of belonging.