Intelligent manufacturing center

Time of Release:

2022-08-17 18:23

Our Advantages

BSI system certification

BSI has passed the EN ISO 13485:2016 management system certification. Certification scope :ENISO11135:2014 To provide medical equipment ethylene oxide sterilization services.

Recognition of regulation

Pre-confirm the product sterilization confirmation plan with the regulatory and audit institutions, and try our best to avoid the risk of serious consequences that may result from non-conformity in the product registration technical review and daily supervision for customers.

One-stop service

One-stop sterilization treatment, product pretreatment → sterilization → analysis of the whole process is completed in one stop, the experience can significantly improve the sterilization efficiency.

Environmental Compliance

The custom-made EO gas recovery and treatment system complies with strict local environmental regulations and operates in full compliance, relieving customers of worries.

Superior geographical location

The company is located in the south of Baishi West Road, adjacent to the highway, only more than ten kilometers away. Transportation is very convenient, on behalf of the customer delivery into the warehouse, convenient shipping.

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