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International Marketing Manager


High school

Hunan, China


1. Responsible for channel cooperation related to international business and development of marketing work;
2. Responsible for the communication and liaison of the company's international business development and cooperation, and the development and service of QFll/RQFll, QDll and other customers; carried out the work of international business plate of medical devices/supplies;
3. Responsible for implementing the development of international business varieties of medical devices/supplies;
4. Responsible for the work guidance, supervision and assessment of the team staff to improve their professional and comprehensive quality;
5. Complete other work assigned by company leaders.

1. Bachelor degree or above, under 38 years old, overseas study background is preferred;
2. Overseas working experience is preferred;
3. Have accumulated international business channel resources, proficient in English (including professional English), have professional knowledge foundation of medical devices and medical supplies, and have a thorough grasp of the laws and regulations of the medical devices industry;
4. Have a vision and concept of international development, and have strong organizational and management ability, innovation ability, communication and coordination ability, analysis and judgment ability, oral expression ability and writing ability.

Production workshop director


High school

Hunan, China


1. Responsible for the company's rules and regulations construction and management, production site management, 6S management, production equipment management, production safety management, department administration and other work;
2. Comprehensively control and coordinate the personnel management of the production department and various production activities;
3. Responsible for capacity analysis of the production line to ensure the rationality of the production plan, and responsible for resource allocation and production capacity evaluation of the manufacturing department;
4. Assigned production plans and tasks, arranged and controlled the production schedule;
5. Tracked the production situation, product demand, production process, output target, etc., and completed the production target on time;
6. Timely respond to abnormal production, follow up problems and put forward reasonable suggestions;
7. Participate in the action plan and implementation of improving production efficiency and product quality;
8. Monitored the standard operation methods, implemented the company's 6S specification, and ensured the safety and cleanliness of the production site;
9. Organized routine management and reasonable allocation and distribution of production equipment, and handled depreciation, loss reporting and scrapping of production equipment;
10. Prepare the annual production safety plan, strictly implement the production safety management system, and ensure the safe operation of all kinds of equipment;
11. Conduct production safety education for employees, and timely organize personnel to deal with safety accidents and hidden dangers in production.

1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of on-site production management experience;
2. Professional knowledge of enterprise management, production management, product management, quality management and equipment management;
3. Familiar with production planning, scheduling and statistical methods;
4. Strong oral expression ability and organization and coordination ability;
5. Strong analytical ability, strain ability and decision-making ability;
6. Strong management and interpersonal skills.

Alibaba Operations


High school

Hunan, China


Job Description:
1. Proficient in Alibaba's foreign trade through train, familiar with collecting hot keywords in the industry through various channels such as Alibaba backstage and Google keywords, establishing thesaurus and releasing products;
2. Overall visual beautification of the store, selected products, coordinated the shooting of copywriting art details, and optimized the main picture.
3. Optimized the keywords of product information in the store to improve the ranking of product information; Increase the turnover rate of online transactions.
4. According to the mechanism (natural ranking, etc.), developed the network promotion strategy and implemented the release (editing, optimizing and uploading the product information), so as to rapidly improve the effective traffic of the website;
5. Tracking, evaluating and statistical analysis of promotion effects, and timely proposing marketing improvement plans; Qualifications for Employment

At least 1 or 2 years operating experience;
2. Familiar with website editing; Skilled operation of the website background, have a certain level of text expression skills, proficient in picture processing skills;
3, rich open with rich network promotion practical experience is preferred;
4. Responsible, enterprising, dedicated and diligent; Have a strong spirit of market development and good sense of teamwork, have a strong learning and communication skills, good coordination ability;
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[Work Place]

Building 6, Jingxiang Energy-saving Technology Park, Shuangma Industrial Park, High-tech Zone, Xiangtan City

Hunan Zhenhe Yikang Medical Supplies Co., LTD


[Welfare Benefits:]

Five insurances, job promotion training, seniority salary, annual leave, transportation allowance, accommodation, holiday benefits, etc.


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18797410509(same number on wechat)

18273205746(same number on wechat)

15116622990 (same number on wechat)

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