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2022-09-19 18:47

Hunan Yongling Testing Technology Co., LTD., a supporting project of Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park, is located on the 15th floor of Xiangtan Public Health Service Center Building, No. 12, North Second Ring Road, Caojing Kai District, Qianxiang, and obtained the CMA Certificate of Hunan Inspection and Testing Institution Qualification in May 2021 (Certificate number :211812052254). Xiangtan National Economic and Technological Development Zone "three centers and five platforms" key project. Focusing on serving the medical device production of Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park, the company provides medical device product inspection for enterprises settled in the park and inspection and testing technical services for other institutions, groups and individuals. The company has a total of more than 50 employees in the comprehensive department and the technical Department, including 30 people with high and intermediate titles and the same ability of intermediate titles, and 100% of the employees with college degrees or above. All the technical personnel in the laboratory have passed the job assessment and are on the job with certificates. Yongxian testing to "justice, science, realistic, efficient" as the quality policy, adhering to the "good quality, customer first" service purpose, is willing to accurate inspection, fair identification, fast agent, satisfactory consultation wholeheartedly for the community to provide professional quality and technical services. The existing business area of the company is 1008㎡c

Category of detection

The company is equipped with nearly 100 sets of testing equipment, such as gas chromatograph, mold incubator, biochemical incubator, non-woven fabric tensile testing machine, fabric permeability testing machine, etc., which can carry out the following seven categories and 84 parameter testing:

Purified water detecting public environment in microbiological testing physical and chemical inspection textile protective equipment inspection disposable hygiene products

Range of detection

Purified water detection parameters

Total Coliform/Heat-resistant Coliform/Escherichia coli/Total colony count/Visible matter /pH/Total hardness /pH/nitrate/nitrite/ammonia/conductivity/Easy oxide/nonvolatile matter/Heavy metal/Microbial limit

Test parameters of disposable sanitary products

Ethylene oxide residue/sterility test/total bacterial colonies/coliform bacteria/Pseudomonas aeruginosa/Staphylococcus aureus/hemolytic streptococcus/total fungal colonies

Public environment detection parameters

Temperature/relative humidity/noise/wind speed/air volume/illumination/Settling bacteria/dust particle ventilation times/hydrostatic pressure difference/coliform bacteria/Staphylococcus aureus/total number of hemolytic streptococcus bacteria/total number of fungi

Test parameters of protective equipment

Appearance (quality) requirements/Breaking strength of the mask band and the connection between the mask band and the mouthpiece/residual ethylene oxide /(particulate matter) filtration efficiency/identification/nose clip length/nose clip flexability/apparent inspection/filtration efficiency/headband/connections and connecting parts/identification

Textile testing parameters

Mass per unit length and mass per unit area/length and width/strength at break and elongation at break/joint tensile property/water-resistant bursting strength/moisture permeability/surface moisture resistance/Folding and sewing fastness/fluorescent/mass per square meter/soluble in water/Minimum breaking force/stitch/stain/fibre identification/yarn number/sinking time,

Testing equipment

Center of examination


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