Alibaba Operations



High school






Job Description:<br/>

1. Proficient in Alibaba's foreign trade through train, familiar with collecting hot keywords in the industry through various channels such as Alibaba backstage and Google keywords, establishing thesaurus and releasing products;<br/>

2. Overall visual beautification of the store, selected products, coordinated the shooting of copywriting art details, and optimized the main picture.<br/>

3. Optimized the keywords of product information in the store to improve the ranking of product information; Increase the turnover rate of online transactions.<br/>

4. According to the mechanism (natural ranking, etc.), developed the network promotion strategy and implemented the release (editing, optimizing and uploading the product information), so as to rapidly improve the effective traffic of the website;<br/>

5. Tracking, evaluating and statistical analysis of promotion effects, and timely proposing marketing improvement plans;

Qualifications for Employment<br/><br/>

At least 1 or 2 years operating experience;<br/>

2. Familiar with website editing; Skilled operation of the website background, have a certain level of text expression skills, proficient in picture processing skills;<br/>

3, rich open with rich network promotion practical experience is preferred;<br/>

4. Responsible, enterprising, dedicated and diligent; Have a strong spirit of market development and good sense of teamwork, have a strong learning and communication skills, good coordination ability;<br/>