The power of example | We are fortunate to have you for our brilliant and harmonious development; Happy to be with you

On June 10, 2022, the chairman of Hunan Zhenhe Yikang Group, the chairman of the trade union and the leaders of relevant departments held a warm and simple retirement ceremony for Ms. Long Ailian, an old employee who has worked hard in the production line for 20 years.
Since joining the company in 2002, Long Ailian has always adhered to the first line of production, worked hard, worked conscientiously and selflessly, grew up with the company, and dedicated the best years to the company.
Comrade Long Ailian briefly recalled his working experience in the company, sincerely thanked the chairman of the board of directors, the company's leaders and colleagues for their affirmation of their work, felt the care of the leaders in Zhenhe family, and felt the solidarity and fraternity of colleagues. Seeing the company growing day by day, he was happy and wished the company to create another brilliant future.
At the retirement ceremony, Yin Yilin, chairman of the company, issued a certificate of honor to Long Ailian, and Zhu Junshi, chairman of the trade union of the company, presented a commemorative gift. At the end of the ceremony, Chairman Yin Yilin, on behalf of the company, thanked Comrade Long Ailian for her hard work and hard work over the past 20 years. Based on her own duties, she loved her job, worked hard, shared a common destiny with the company, and made great contributions to the company in ordinary jobs, which is worth learning from all colleagues of the company.
Mo Dao Sang Yu is late, and the sky is still full of clouds. Every old comrade is a valuable asset of the company, always a family member of the company, and the company will always be everyone's "home". I hope you can go home and see it often, impart work experience to young people, offer advice and suggestions for the development of the company, and work together with the comrades on the job to create a brilliant future of peace and health.


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May Day special | Carry forward the spirit of model workers and gather positive energy of enterprises

In the afternoon of April 26, Xiangtan High tech Zone held the first model worker commendation and model worker preaching meeting to celebrate the "May Day" in 2021, and 10 people were awarded the first model workers in the High tech Zone. Ms. Peng Shuang (3 from the right), our vice president of procurement, was commended and awarded the title of "Model Worker in Xiangtan High tech Zone".

The China Africa Economic and Trade Fair "Strives for Harmony and Wellness" makes the world witness China's intelligent manufacturing!

With the theme of "new starting point, new opportunities and new achievements", the second China Africa Economic and Trade Fair was held in Changsha from September 26 to 29. As one of the outstanding representatives of protective products in Hunan medical sector, Zhenhe Yikang was invited to participate in this grand event. At this China Africa Economic and Trade Fair, Zhenhe Yikang exhibited protective clothing, masks, medical goggles, medical protective masks and other anti epidemic materials and various medical equipment products, which were favored by medical trade buyers in African countries, Up to now, more than ten African enterprises have inquired about our products and expressed their interest in Zhenhe Yikang epidemic prevention materials. In particular, medical masks are very competitive in the market and have complete qualifications in all aspects. We hope to visit the factory later and discuss cooperation issues in detail.

Innovative technology leads the future | Zhenhe Yikang makes a wonderful appearance at the 85th China International Medical Device Expo

On October 13, the 85th China International Medical Device Expo was grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. With the theme of "Innovating Science and Technology, Wisdom Leading the Future", this exhibition gathered national medical device industry elites to display the latest products and technological achievements. Zhenhe Yikang appeared at the 85th China International Medical Device Expo with 50 product specifications and nearly 100 products, including experts in surgical bag solutions, to show the company's high-quality products, discuss new technologies, new business formats and new business opportunities with industry leaders, and discuss cooperation and win-win future.

Zhenhe Yikang Condolences the Community's Poor People and Helps Warm People's Hearts

Xiangtan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China organized and cooperated with Hehuatang Community to carry out the activity of "three couplets and two actions" (linking enterprises, schools and communities, being the leader of learning history and doing best, and being the close person of grassroots people), "I do practical things for the masses". Ms. Yin Yilin, the representative of the enterprise and general manager of Yikang, participated in this activity.

Zhenhe Yikang Medical Co., Ltd. won the title of "Xiangtan City High quality Development Star Private Enterprise"

Quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises and the cornerstone of sustainable development. In the morning of September 10, Zhenhe Yikang launched a quality month activity with the theme of "focusing on quality consensus and creating innovative products". The company's general manager, the administrative department, the procurement department, the production department, the quality management department, the warehousing department heads, and the production workshop leaders participated in the launching ceremony of this activity.

Gather Jiazhang and Commend the New Year | Zhenhe Yikang's 2021 Annual Advanced Commendation and 2022 Strategic Work Deployment Conference was grandly held

The sound of firecrackers is a year old, and the spring breeze warms Tusu. On February 8, 2022, Hunan Zhenhe Yikang Group held the "2021 Annual Advanced Commendation and 2022 Work Strategy Deployment Conference" at the Group headquarters. All Zhenhe people gathered together to release their love with laughter and give thanks to the enterprise with actions. Ms. Yin Yilin, Chairman of the Group, attended the meeting and deployed the work of the Group in 2022.