Sow the seeds of hope and create a better future | Zhenhe Yikang Party Branch organizes voluntary tree planting activities

Arbor Day

In early spring and March, when the grass was long and the eagles were flying, the chill of winter was not yet gone. Spring came to us with a green smell. The spring wind greened the buds on the branches and the grass on the ground. On the occasion of the 44th Arbor Day in China, on the afternoon of March 11, 2022, the company's Party branch organized party members, activists for joining the Party, and company backbones to go to the project base of the public service center for research, development, testing and sterilization of the medical equipment industrial park in Hunan Province under the leadership of the group's chairman and secretary of the branch to carry out tree planting activities.

01 Plant hope and grow together

In the process of tree planting, everyone was enthusiastic and energetic. Three or five people worked together in a group, and cooperated with each other. Some dug pits, some supported trees, some cultivated soil, and some watered. Each process was orderly. Everywhere there was a scene of vigorous labor. From time to time, you could hear the laughter reverberating around. Everyone gathered firewood with high flame. After an afternoon of hard work, the newly planted green seedlings formed a beautiful landscape on the project base. People also took group photos with the seedlings they planted. Finally, they took group photos. The members held up their labor tools and cheered.


Green Proposal

"Ten years of trees, a hundred years of people". Yin Yilin, Chairman of the Group, said that, at the coming of the Arbor Day, organizing party members, activists to join the Party and company backbones to carry out voluntary tree planting activities can not only enhance everyone's awareness of greening the environment and protecting the environment, drive everyone's love for nature, enhance their awareness of environmental protection and ecological awareness, but also practice the concept of green water and green mountains with practical actions. Today, the saplings we planted in the project base of Hunan Medical Equipment Industrial Park not only beautify the environment, but also carry hope. The new project of Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park of the Group Company will be presented in Xiangtan Economic Development Zone with a new look and full of vitality, accompanied by the vigorous growth of small trees!


Hunan Zhenhe Yikang Medical Supplies Co., Ltd

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Zhenhe Yikang Condolences the Community's Poor People and Helps Warm People's Hearts

Xiangtan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China organized and cooperated with Hehuatang Community to carry out the activity of "three couplets and two actions" (linking enterprises, schools and communities, being the leader of learning history and doing best, and being the close person of grassroots people), "I do practical things for the masses". Ms. Yin Yilin, the representative of the enterprise and general manager of Yikang, participated in this activity.

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Quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises and the cornerstone of sustainable development. In the morning of September 10, Zhenhe Yikang launched a quality month activity with the theme of "focusing on quality consensus and creating innovative products". The company's general manager, the administrative department, the procurement department, the production department, the quality management department, the warehousing department heads, and the production workshop leaders participated in the launching ceremony of this activity.

Gather Jiazhang and Commend the New Year | Zhenhe Yikang's 2021 Annual Advanced Commendation and 2022 Strategic Work Deployment Conference was grandly held

The sound of firecrackers is a year old, and the spring breeze warms Tusu. On February 8, 2022, Hunan Zhenhe Yikang Group held the "2021 Annual Advanced Commendation and 2022 Work Strategy Deployment Conference" at the Group headquarters. All Zhenhe people gathered together to release their love with laughter and give thanks to the enterprise with actions. Ms. Yin Yilin, Chairman of the Group, attended the meeting and deployed the work of the Group in 2022.